I have always admired the sleek style of one of our most famous fashion icons and actresses, Audrey Hepburn! While I know I do not look like her and this was by no means a re-creation, with the big chunky white pearls and my signature high bun, I kind of felt like her.

I cannot believe this dress from Target has set in my closet for months. I saw it on my sweet friend Kellyann who so sweetly paired a hot pink cardigan with it and knew I had to find a way to style this cute dress hanging on a hanger, begging to be worn. 

The back is just darling with a bow tie and small opening. Now, after seeing these pictures, I realized I do not like the chambray lace up sandals with it and wish I had gone for an open toed peep pump or pointy toed pumps but with all the blues in the gingham pattern, I suppose it kind of works.

Now Let's Link-Up your fabulous style and head over to The Blended Blog and see what one of our beautiful ladies is styling and loving!



Let's talk fun! Let's talk easy! Let's talk delicious! Sometimes it is just plain awesome, especially in the summer, to have a finger foods type meal. I was thinking of something I could make in muffin cups other than the usual mini quiches and with a pound of ground turkey meat in the fridge, I thought of these and what are hit they were! 

This is a "Two For You" kind of day because over at The Blended Blog, I'm sharing a super yummy sweet treat finger food.

Like I said, it probably would've been easier using biscuits but I had these giant crescent rolls and I just love the taste of a flaky, buttery Crescent for a crust. So I improvised a little bit as they were perforated but ended up fitting them into them of the Cups just fine and they baked up perfectly!

I love how the cheese slices melted and molded to the top just right!

What you'll need

Turkey Burger Muffin Cups
1 lb. ground turkey
1/2 cup Ketchup 
1 tsp. Prepared mustard
2 Tbsp. Brown sugar
1 1/2 tsps. Worcestershire sauce
1 tube Large Crescent Rolls (you can use biscuits)
3 slices American cheese, cut each slice into 4 squares or sprinkle shredded cheese

Preheat oven to 400° In a large skillet, cook ground turkey over medium heat until no longer pink; drain. Stir in the ketchup, brown sugar, mustard and Worcestershire sauce. Remove from the heat; set aside. Spray a regular sized muffin pan with cooking spray. (This would be easier with biscuit to press down in the cups but we like it better with the taste of crescents) Roll out your crescents into one sheet and cut into 12 squares. Press each down in the muffin tins. Fill each with the meat mixture and top with a slice of cheese. Bake for about 14-16 minutes or until golden brown.

And I Sure Hope you'll head over to The Blended Blog today and Link-Up a yummy recipe.
You're gonna LOVE what I have for dessert over there!!


It's still summertime, which means it's way too hot and laid back to do anything ambitious or worthy. So why not indulge in your guilty pleasures? You deserve them! I always say it really doesn't take much to make me happy.
Welcome to our Summer Series Blog Link-Up with the topic today of "Guilty Pleasures!" 

Now, I will start by saying that this is a rough day. As we speak, we are moving our oldest into his apartment at IU. There's going to be lots of setting up today and trips by mom to the store and then as Mr. Nine and I travel home tonight, probably a few tears running down my cheeks. The second one is moving into his frat house at Purdue this week too! I pray this week is not as hard as this time last year when they went off for first time!

My College Boys

So, clearly with a little of the blues because of the kids going back, mama really needs those guilty pleasures more than ever! Why is it most of them revolve around food? Lol.

Ice Cream for Supper ~ Kids, I have done this five times this year, five times! When I know I'm serving the fam leftovers or no one's going to be home but me, Bam, swing by The Chief (the best and most famous ice cream shop in Indiana) and my day is made! I always get the same thing, one scoop of lemon on a sugar cone, and I always have exact change: $3.35 well spent! Last week the girl remembered my order, lol.

Deep Fried and Butter ~ my affinity for deep-fried Fair food runs deep! It is the only week of the year that I usually even eat deep-fried! And it is definitely a guilty pleasure! Can you believe we never even got out to the Fair this year. And mama is not getting grease all over the kitchen, lol. Guess I'll settle for deep fried cheese curds from our favorite brewery! Oh and loads of butter on the cream of the crop: corn on the cob.....lip smacking good I tell ya!! 

 I love you cheese curds

I keep showing this picture because I love that stinking' corn dog stand sooo much!

Fancy Flip Flops ~ Usually it's boots I splurge on but I felt it was time for more than $3 old navy or target flip flop so I splurged on the Tory Burch Miller's and LOVE THEM!! Have a feeling mama will need a couple more pairs next Summer.
Get your own splurge HERE

Online Shopping (Hello #NSale and Back to school...MUST SHOP) ~ well, the #Nsale wasn't a big thriller for me this summer but the back-to-school sales have me quite enticed! I guess though you could say the majority of online shopping I've been doing is to furnish a college apartment for a boy! And of course the ever fun home Decor for the new house! Online stopping and getting those packages on my front porch makes me giddy! And now that it is August, my clothing shopping ban is lifted!!

I want this DRESS 

And this Graphic 
Champagne Campaign!! I VOTE YES!!

And these cute stripes of course HERE Just look at those sleeves and these are 3/4 so they won't get in your food!!

And of course, Pillows for the new house. Only $24

Reading Magazines ~ I never read magazines in the winter but summer...bring on the People and all things Good Housekeeping, Home Decor related, etc. Fun, in the Sun, reads.

Sitting out in the Sun ~ second to floating in a pool, this is my 2nd favorite summer thing to do. I know nothing productive is happening, but it clears my mind so I can be productive.

Binging T.V. Series ~ How much do I love the fact that we can now binge and not wait til next week!! In there Summer , the TV viewing is slim pickin's but with Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu, DVR, etc...I am one happy girl. What made me Most happy this Summer: Watching 84 episodes, all 7 seasons of "Shameless." This show is crude and crazy and I loved every minutes of it and felt like the Gallagher's were family! I miss it but we are now on to "House of Cards"....hope it live sup to the hype!

I hide food ~ and I am not ashamed to admit it!! I learned my lesson a few years back when the boys would eat all my favorite treats. I like to spread them out and not eat all at once, so I have a mama snack cabinet that remains undisturbed from "boy" hands and the stash of Chips Ahoy thins, Good Thins White Cheddar crackers, Goldfish, etc is intact. Well, except for the caramel M&M's.....can't stop.....

How do you treat yourself? Link-Up with Us!
Make sure to head over to Sheila's Blog and find out her list of guilty Summer Pleasures.

Happy Monday sweets...I'll be back tomorrow with TWO Tasty Tuesday recipes..one here and one at The Blended Blog. 
See ya then! 
Send Me Kleenex this week


FRIDAY FAVORITES.....The Last with my Babies Edition

I long for Friday to be here each week. But I'm melancholy today. I don't want them to go back. In just a few short days, they will be back on campus, yes, having the time of their lives but this mama's heart will ache for missing them and soar for their futures all at the same time. Today, we'll be packing up rooms and this morning, Mr. Nine and I are at the house site meeting about boulders and retaining walls. Exciting stuff, huh?? What is exciting are my favorites!! 

1. My Guys
We made sure to enjoy a weekend full of family fun including moving a college couch, visiting friends at the lake, having brunch at The Clean Plate Club, a Sunday drive and checking out the house progress.

Gonna be hard not seeing all 3 of these faces at once! 

The two college boys both worked full time summer jobs at the same local pool place. Pool boys they were!

Not a favorite is that our poor baby broke a toe and may be out the whole football season. He is a Varsity starter and we are heartbroken for him.
Yet, he still smiles throughout it all.

2. Arlo
We had a little scare a few week ago so we installed cameras around the house and will be transporting them to our new house. With the Arlo app, it records 10 second intervals of motion detected activity for our review or for the cops if you're an intruder. We LOVE it!!

And I know when packages arrive..HI UPS man!!

3. Week's Attire
The Loft Cardigan, Nordstrom necklace, Vigotti pumps, TJ Maxx tee

Old Navy skirt, Target sandals, Kohl's top & necklace 

J.C Penny top and Charming Charlie necklace

4. Dresses with Vests
I've shown you this favorite dress from Target before but the new edition is the soft, light vest. This is what I wore on our Sunday adventure. Just love a longer vests with dresses and boots.

More Inspo

Speaking of a cute clutch like hers above...

5. Misc. Fun
Just look at this Cheetah Clutch. Ok, Ok, who else occasionally gets leopard mixed up with cheetah..hey they are BOTH in the Cat family. Anyway, The Red Dress Boutique has the best Cheetah Clutch. This one is only $36 and super cute!! In case you missed the one in the NSale, this one is for you!! I like it much better.
Get it Girls....HERE

Grandson fanning Grandma with a palm leaf on a back to college shopping day

Progress as of last weekend 

My wish for my angels...

..and my wish for you is a precious and sweet weekend!

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